What do you need to know about Geo- Pathogenic Zones?

02nd Dec 2014

There are many references to mysterious geo-pathogenic zones throughout the history of Mankind. Centuries ago they were called Black spots or God-forsaken places. Such places were even mentioned in ancient Egyptian and Chinese manuscripts. The Chinese Emperor Guang Ji, who lived in 2300 BC, issued a decree prohibiting any construction without consent from a doctor or a priest, the duties of the latter including the identification of such Bad plots of land. This decree is still valid in some provinces of China.

What are these pathogenic zones?

They are geo breakages, carts holes, crosscurrents of underground waters at various depths, and Hartmann and Curry lines. Mysterious geo-pathogenic zones and terrestrial radiation detected with the help of bio location were believed by people to possess unusual physical properties, manifestations and abilities to provoke diseases, especially cancer tumours. Oncologists should be aware of the dangers of geo factors in urban and rural areas and from the very first visit of a potential cancer patient analyse their living environment. The essence of the damaging influence of such geo pathogenic zones can be explained as follows.

The structure of every protein molecule fully corresponds with a certain resonance frequency. Geo-pathogenic zones affect the body’s proteins with their pathogenic frequencies as a result of which the protein itself starts producing damaging frequencies causing failure of tissues and organs. We need to be aware that pathogenic damage will only increase with time if the person doesn’t leave such a zone. The influence of geo-pathogenic zones on human health, as a rule, is not favourable and people usually complain of headaches, lack of energy and hyperactivity. A long stay in a geo-pathogenic zone can lead to very serious consequences. Depending on the duration of stay (50 hours and more per month), angle of projection, strength of the immune system and many other factors, it may cause disorders of the nervous system, disease of muscular-skeleton system, cancer, strokes, and heart attacks.

If the whole body is affected by a hazardous zone, it can lead to joints failure, and very often can cause multiple sclerosis, open trophic ulcers and coagulation failure. Even a short term exposure to such zones is dangerous for human health. It took many years of investigation by scientists and specialists to determine the radical explanation of such phenomena alongside the progressive development of such natural sciences as geology, geochemistry and geophysics. Bio–location plays an important role in establishing geo-ecological problems and the dangerous impacts of geo-pathological zones on human beings living in urban areas.

Due to highly skilled bio-locating operators and based on humans’ high sensitivity to super weak electromagnetic fields, it has been established that ground structures can provoke different illnesses, especially oncological. Thanks to the consistent work of bio-locating operators, the health of thousands of people in different countries of the world has been saved. The most effective and therapeutic action would be to stay away from such geo-pathogenic zones. It can be very hard to treat a patient who sleeps, works and spends most of his time in such zones. It would be mandatory to remove such patients from geo-pathogenic zones to enable the chance of full recovery.