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Drug-free correction of  body functions

Finally, we are beginning to think seriously about the side effects on the body from modern pharmacology. It is no a secret that some of the effects of chemotherapy on cancer mortality is much higher than without treatment. Some of the therapeutic medications are the analogues of poisonous substances.  Antibiotic treatment has passed all the boundaries. Antibiotics are used for all sorts of little things, which lead to their toxic effects, decreased immunity,  destruction of the saprophytic flora necessary for normal activity of organism, disastrous, etc.  

What is a way out of this situation? Is there alternative? We're trying to find it, but its not that easy in a modern world. Easily accessible and cheap herbal remedies cannot compete with medication. Therefore many private enthusiasts are conducting research in these fields but there are no large-scale developments controlled by the State in such areas.

For this purpose instruments should be created capable of resolving medical problems with changing frequency of electric, magnetic, gravitational, torsion and other still unknown fields, influencing the biological object. The complexity of search for such methods of influence on a biological object is explained by the fact that only a small number of people has the ability to "see" these fields and areas, and that there are no devices that can visualise these changes and fix them.

One of the non-recognised areas of modern medicine is Bio resonance therapy which assumes the existence of a certain frequency for different living organisms and separate tissues of the body. With the ageing processes or due to the adverse effects of environment and disease-causing factors, frequency together with the electric potential of individual tissues and the whole body change through its mitigation.

The essence of bio-resonance therapy is to correct the function of the entire body and its individual organs and tissues. Bio-resonance therapy is aimed at restoring physiology of a body. The impact occurs at the cellular level.The fluctuations in the environment with certain frequency pass to a biological object, providing a positive and negative impact. The body itself is being a powerful generator of energy, sending the right information, regulates the precise interaction of all biological structures. The prime role is given to the charge of a cell (electric, electromagnetic, informational, torsion and still unknown to us) enabling to regain vitality. A crucial role in this process plays water and its structure that influences body’s state. This method makes it possible to treat disease without medication. As mentioned above, the body itself is a source of very weak electromagnetic waves.

If a person gets ill or any of its organs begin to fail,  the charge of a cell and the whole body is reduced. Bio-resonance effect on the body that promotes the restoration of the cell charge happens all the time from the signals of the environment of outer space, the energy of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, with which a human body enters in resonance.

The main impact on biological objects is carried out through the water as 80% of a living organism is water.  Therefore, the quality of water in the body influences all biochemical, biophysical, and physical processes.  All non-traditional/alternative methods of healing, whether it is homoeopathy, magnetic therapy, electrical stimulation, colour therapy, treatment with precious stones, metals, sounds, etc., have effects on the body through the water, causing changes in its structure and enhancing the electrical potential.

For this purpose  the energy-informational plates ENTURIA have been created, which carry a of certain combinations of energy, information and the torsion fields. Geometry of their projection gives a unique opportunity to affect  human body to achieve a therapeutic effect. Water in this case is used  as the most powerful natural energy-informational conductor. Formula of water becomes a generic component that has a positive influence on a human body.  Water structured on such plates normalises physiology of organs, systems of the body, blood, lymph, etc.

Such water has regenerating properties as well.