Enturia User Guide

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Just getting started?

 If this is the first time you have used our ENTURIA plates then we recommend you start drinking one glass a day, building up the quantities gradually, and do not exceed the recommended number of glasses per day.

How to structure water using ENTURIA plates?

You will need a simple flat bottomed glass and tap or filtered, not bottled, water.

Plates are placed on the table with the ENTURIA sign facing down and the picture side up.

Place your glass of water on top of your chosen plate and leave for 40 minutes.

The glass should not contain more then 250-300 ml of water.

Once the structuring time has elapsed you remove the glass from the plate and put the plate in a safe place.

How and where to keep your plates?

We recommend keeping your plates in the box you purchased them.

You can keep several plates in one box but do not keep the plates near computer or your mobile phone.

Our ENTURIA plates have 3 years lifespan providing they have not been damaged.

We recommend once in 3-4 months to place them in direct sunlight with the picture (not Enturia sign) side up for 30 minutes.

Keep your plates in a dry place.

Do not use them if they have been damaged.

You can go through airport screening without any harm to them.

If a plate gets in water it will not damage it. Just wipe it dry and keep on using.

User instructions

Drink your structured water the way it has been recommended for each particular plate.

You can drink water structured on different plates throughout the day.

Don’t mix waters structured on different plates in one glass.

You can use structured water also as nasal drops, as a gargle, as a face wash and to apply on burns and wounds.

How to make healing Balm?

Water structured on Gold and Violet plates can be used as a base for the healing Balm.

You need to prepare your structured water the normal way. In the meantime, make an infusion of 1 table spoon of Common Wormwood (Artemisia) in a glass of boiled water and leave it for one hour. Sieve the liquid into another glass. It will keep 3 days in the fridge. Add 3 table spoons of Common Wormwood infusion to your structured water plus one table spoon of a natural honey and stir it slowly until completely dissolved.

Make sure you are not allergic to honey or Common Wormwood herb!

Balm should be taken in small quantities during the day. If Balm is made using Gold plate, water structured on Gold plate should not be taken same day.

Recommended course: 7 days Balm made on Gold plate plus water structured on Violet plate. 10 days interval .

What to expect when you start drinking structured water?

When you start drinking structured water your body starts healing. If you have any chronic diseases you might go through a disease aggravation stage. If you have pains it means your body is going through a healing process to recovery. You can take conventional pain killers or you can use some of the plates which have pain killing effects.

As your body starts the cleaning process you will be going to the toilet very often during the day. Please note that his is a part of the normal cleansing process.

How many glasses of structured water you can drink per day?

There is no restrictions on how many glasses of different structured waters you can drink per day. Listen to your body.

Who can drink structured water?

There is no age restriction for use of the structured waters.

People over 75 years of age should drink this water slowly.


How to choose what plates do you need?

We publish our product catalogue on our site with detailed descriptiosn on application and use of each different plate.

If you suffer serious health problems we can arrange a personal consultation where a number of plates will be recommended that would suit you the best.

You can contact us by registering on our site.

We wish you all the best for a healthy life!

Please, contact our support team for all the help you need!