Healing properties: Universal formula. Water structured on this formula is recommended for different pathologies. Regular use of this water will help maintain the human body in a good physical and mental state and promotes longevity and anti-ageing.

Regular use maintains the body in good physical and mental form.

Instruction for use: up to 3 glasses of structured water per day

    This plate can have an effective impact on Skeletal-Muscular system as a pain reliever and with possible permanent results.

 This plate can be used locally for haemorrhoids, menstrual pain and pains of Gastro-Intestinal tract of any etymology by applying it with the coloured side to the place of discomfort.

     Water is structured in a glass with a flat bottom (250-300ml) placed on a plate with coloured side up. Time of structuring is 40 minutes

   Expiry date: 3 years in operating mode


Important note: You should only use tap or filtered not bottled water for structuring water.

example of structured waterexample of structured water