Healing properties : Water structured on this plate is similar to water used by residents of Tristan da Cunha, the island where inhabitants have a great state of health and are not familiar with such a disease as cancer. They generally have great physique and an excellent osteo-articular system.

Water structured on the plate "Tristan" assists in creating a normal endocrine system, preventing gynecological diseases in women, and decreasing the climacteric symptoms,

Improves  functioning of the central nervous system, relieves stress and the psychological consequences of stress, helps normalize blood pressure, regulates functioning of the circulatory system.

Insturctions for use: up to 2 glasses per day Water is structured in a 200/300ml glass with flat bottom on a Brown side of the plate 40 minutes.

Expiry date: 3 years in operating mode

example of structured waterexample of structured water