Healing properties: Universal formula, can be used for prevention of cancer, corrections of mental illnesses, sleep disorders and general vitality.


Instructions for use: Drink 2 glasses of structured water per day. Take one glass in the morning on an empty stomach and one glass before bedtime. Take for 2 months with 2-3 weeks interval. Follow same scheme if needed.

Plate has a wide range of pain relief properties and deep relaxation effect if held in the right hand before bedtime to ensure deep sleep.

     Water is structured in a glass with a flat bottom (250-300ml) placed on a plate with the coloured side up. Time of structuring is 40 minutes. Before structuring water plate should be held in left hand with two fingers for 3 minutes.


Important note: You should only use tap or filtered not bottled water for structuring water.

example of structured waterexample of structured water