Healing properties: Water structured on this formula can be used for cancer prevention and the correction of diabetes, cardio-vascular system, and skeletal-muscular system. It can help regenerate tissue on a cellular level. Water structured on this plate is recommended for rapid recuperation after various diseases. It helps to slow down the ageing processes and promotes longevity.  Water structured on formula N19 mimics the structure of spring water found in Vilcabamba - a place legendary for long lives and extremely healthy inhabitants.

Recommended use: First 5 days drink 1 glass per day

                                 Following 3 days- 2 glasses per day

                                 After that 3 weeks 3 glasses per day

                                 There after 2-3 glasses per day

 Water is structured in a glass with a flat bottom (250-300ml) placed on a plate with the coloured side up. Time of structuring is 40 minutes.


Expiry date: in 3 years in operating mode


Important note: You should only use tap or filtered not bottled water for structuring water.

example of structured waterexample of structured water