Healing properties: Universal formula, promotes regeneration of tissue, normalizes micro flora of the digestive system, rejuvenation of the whole body, anti-aging. It is used as a base correction formula for a large number of diseases including those of the cardio-vascular, digestive, and nervous systems. Water structured on this formula and added to healing Balm (recipe in User Guide section) is considered to be an alternative holistic method of healing.

Instructions for use: between 1 and 3 glasses per day.

 Plate can be used for pain relief by applying it to a localization of pain with the coloured side.

Water is structured in a glass with a flat bottom (250-300ml) placed on a plate with the coloured side up. Time of structuring: 40 minutes.

Structured water can be used as a base for a healing Balm.


Preparation instructions for healing Balm:

  1. Prepare 250-300ml of water structured on a GOLD plate.
  2. Make infusion of 1 table spoon of Common Wormwood herb in a glass of boiled water. Infuse for 1 hour and use as a working solution. Can be stored in the fridge for 3 days.
  3. Add 3 table spoons of infusion to the structured water alongside with one spoon of natural honey and mix well.
  4. This is a daily dose for an adult. Balm should be taken in small quantities during the day. Children from the age of 2 years can take balm as well but only 1table spoon 3 times a day.
  5. Course: 7 days of use with 10 days interval. Adult can take several courses depending on health conditions.
  6. Expiry date of the plate: Three years in operating mode.

Important note: You should only use tap or filtered not bottled water for structuring water.


When taking Balm (structured on Gold formula) for 7days with 10 days interval you should not drink water structured on Gold plate at the same time.

  1. During 7 days Balm course a person can also drink water structured on a VIOLET formula only!
  2. During 10 days interval from Balm, water structured on VIOLET and GOLD plates should be taken.

example of structured waterexample of structured water