Healing properties: Prevention of eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, short-sightedness and long-sighted vision. Apply straight to the eyes and hold for a period of time. 

Instructions for use: Place plate on the eyelids with white coloured side for 10-20 minutes several times per day.

Drink 1 glass of structured water per day and use same water as eye drops that can be applied up to 3 times per day. Frequency of application: each three days with three days interval, repeat cycle 5 times with interval for 2-3 weeks. Use again if required.

     Water is structured in a glass with a flat bottom (250-300ml) placed on a plate with the coloured side up. Time of structuring is 40 minutes.


Expiry date: in 3 years in operating mode.


Important note: You should only use tap or filtered not bottled water for structuring water.

example of structured waterexample of structured water