Structured Waters Gave Me Back My Life

At the age of 17 my gall bladder with stones was removed. The surgery was not perfect which affected part of my liver. Since then I had strong pains in my liver and stomach especially in spring and autumn. At such moments I couldn’t eat or drink or even breathe.

In the autumn 2011 I was diagnosed with parasites in my stomach and pancreas, changes in my thyroid gland, and serious problems with brain function. My state of health was similar to an epileptic: I had fits, my body was shaking and uncontrolled. I also had an obstruction of fallopian tubes. Doctors couldn’t help me. I was taking tons of medication, following diets.

I was advised on structured water and Balm.

It helped. Balm cleans body well. I started feeling totally different.

Second diagnostics didn’t show any traces of parasites and my health has improved. I started eating what I have never been allowed to eat before. My pains disappeared alongside with fits and I started controlling myself. I was very pleased with the change in my mental state.

My mother was very ill as well. She is 50 years old. We had diabetes through a female line. My Grandmother died because of that. My mother had high levels of sugar and suffered with asthma. Her cough was exhausting, keeping her awake at night and she was lacking energy during the day. Her eye sight deteriorated drastically. She couldn’t use public transport as she suffocated plus she couldn’t stand heat or cold. Her uterus was removed because of cancer. As she was skinny with no fat tissue, the stitch after surgery began to grow inside. She had to use bandage all the time and was in constant pain.

I started giving her structured water and Balm. Straight away her cough stopped, she started sleeping at night and in two months she changed glasses from minus 4 to minus 2. 5, pains vanished and she stopped using bandage. We wiped her stitch with Balm and it became smaller and lighter. A lot of people started paying compliments to my mum as she looked younger. Her skin was firmed and even breasts got bigger. Now is hot summer and she began to go out and use public transport. We have such wonderful results! I am pleased with the structured waters as they gave me back my life.

I have been using the following formulas: VIOLET,SKY,STAMINA,SPRING, DROP, FORMULAN19 AND HEALING BALM

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