Structured Water Treated My Thrush in 1 Day

After I gave birth to my daughter in September 2011 every month I had fever. My breasts were in pain, I felt sick, dizzy and general fatigue.

At the same time I didn’t have cold or poisoning. I visited general practitioner and gynaecologist but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me and advised to wait for the start of my period when things would be normal again. But my period didn’t start and I was feeling bad. In April 2012 I was diagnosed with a hormone dysfunction. I had a weak immune system and predisposition to cancer and psychological problems. I was recommended to drink water structured on different plates and Balm. In four days after I started I had a strong aggravation.

Pain was much stronger than it was during usual attacks but I was warned that healing would go through the stage of aggravation.  I survived. Within a month I was feeling much better, temperature was down, I felt less pain and I even had one day of period. A month later I already didn’t have previous symptoms and my period started normalising. In May I visited a gynaecologist and she found a thrush. I used prescribed pills and suppositories only for 3 days and stopped as they were not helping.

Just as experiment, I decided to syringe with structured water. All symptoms were gone in one day. Gynaecologist found no thrush. I lost one kilo of weight and returned to my normal.

Now I would like to tell you about my daughter. When she was 2.5 months old she was diagnosed with heart disease.  When I was drinking water myself I started giving it to my daughter as well in small quantities. As a result, she started walking at 8 months of age and the diagnosis was withdrawn.  Now all doctors admit her rapid development, intelligent eyes and cheerfulness. I believe this is due to drinking water.  I wish all people with incurable illnesses not to give up and not to fear trying new methods of treatment. You need to have faith and help yourself to heal. I was using the following formulas:


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