Dr Tatiana - Supports Enturia Plates & Structured Water

My name is Dr Tatiana.

I am a doctor with almost 40 years of experience as a nutritionist .For the last 5 years I have been engaged in bio-resonance testing and diagnostics. According to the diagnostic’s results I recommend various treatments and I am excited about a new method - energy-informational plates ENTURIA. This method can be used without any side effects.

Using this methodology and working with ENTURIA plates, we enter in a Holy Grail of our body- cell and trying to regulate it with the help of structured water. This method is new, innovative and accessible, and in terms of information it is most valuable with no analogues.

All doctors are sceptics. We need time to see the results and evaluate any new method. In this case you don’t have to wait long for the results. I would say the results are almost instant. And why is it so? The reason for this is the fact that 80% of human body consists of water. We came from water and all the information from the outside world enters our bodies with water, so water is the substance that can heal us. Of course, we are talking about correctly structured water on high frequency plates as they carry important information that restores our inter-cellular system to its natural state.

We have been working with this methodology already for a year. Here are some amazing results of its application (we have been using Violet and Gold plates).

Serious diseases of cardio-vascular system, digestive tract and malfunctions of the brain, circulatory system, kidney and gallbladder, and of the pancreas disappear.

I can’t mention any system that would not start participating in the healing process after use of structured water and Balm. Real positive results are being achieved amongst different age categories. Patients, with over 40 years of suffering from hypertension, isthmic heart disease and severe cardio-vascular pathology, show positive results just within a week of using this method. The heart starts working differently; people have more energy and become more sociable.

I have different patients coming for diagnosis. People come for help and as a doctor you have to provide such help.  I have always been using health-improving methods in my practise but have never held energy-informational plates in my hands before.  By using Gold and Violet plates for skin pathologies, a strong regenerating and soft epithelising effect was achieved.

As emergency aid, these plates can be used for wound surfaces. It is a strong antiseptic.  In addition to that, Balm, prepared with structured water is a remarkable healing substance with effects on mucous membranes, skin and scar tissues. In my one year practise with ENTURIA plates I came across many cases where epithelising of skin happens without granulations, very gently with a very small remnant of the wound surface. And what is most important - this process is rapid: it only takes 3-4 days. I used plates on a scalped wound surface, on burns. I used them on my own dog which had abdominal surgery. My dog recovered on the second day and bandage was removed immediately after that.

I had one 30 year old patient. Since childhood she suffered with food allergy, diathesis which turned into an atopic dermatitis, with 20% of the skin surface being constantly in a state of aggravation: rash, irritation, papules which were always itching. She couldn’t stay in the sun. She was advised on our method of treatment. Only after one week of taking Balm and water and skin applications the result was a clean skin. And the person was happy. Based on this experience I believe that this method can be used for treating psoriasis, the most complicated system disease. We can intervene in any etymology treatment of all types of dermatitis. It is clear that the use of Balm affects pathological flora not only in a digestive system but in any organ. It’s like a mirror in our mucous and skin. It has been proved that drinking the Balm eliminates up to 7 species of pathogenic micro flora, plus previously incurable giardiasis disappears. One can see immediate health improvements.

I would also like to mention that I haven’t seen any drastic symptoms of disease aggravation during taking structured water and Balm. Yes, patients do experience pains at the stage of aggravation but this only lasts 3-4 days. This is a very short period of time but we can’t avoid it. During our lives our state of health can go from normal disease free to an acute phase or aggravation and then to a chronic state. A reverse process is the same: chronic disease-disease aggravation-stage prior to disease and health. With water and Balm a reverse process is much shorter with less acute pain syndrome. Therefore after the aggravation of the disease, which is not a big trial for a patient, an excellent result is ahead.

I also have witnessed a remarkable change in psycho-emotional state of a patient after using water structured on a Violet plate.

After all we know that state of mind and emotions are the etiologic background of any other disease. A very emotional background provokes cancer diseases and stomach pains for example. Thanks to water structured on a Violet plate we can regulate psycho-emotional mechanism in a persistent and serious way. Such water can treat psychosis, psychopaths and neurasthenia the easy way.  Drugs usually make such patients feel down, they turn them into a child, make them apathetic, indifferent. With the help of structured water the process is different. The abnormal, pathological psycho-emotional state is illuminated. Patient becomes just emotionally normal, energetic, capable to work and sociable. Such patients want to come back to a normal life and socialise. This fact is very serious as we give them back their life.

Chronic patients with hypertension, especially those who suffered with micro strokes and have stable chronic cerebral-vascular disease, quite often experience deterioration of eye sight, hair loss, noise in their ears due to malfunction of the vascular wall and blood flow and malnutrition of the brain.  Application of this new method allows patients to find something they have lost. Moreover patients cannot comprehend the drastic changes that occur, such as absence of ear noise and improvement of eye sight.

It’s worth mentioning that people over the age of 60 stop drinking water as such. They simply don’t want to drink it and this is a bad habit. But when they start drinking not just water but structured water they immediately get rid of chronic constipation, heartburn and body starts cleaning itself. Pancreas zone is being regulated. Diabetes is a big concern nowadays. After taking water sugar levels in most patients become normal and patients start eating a normal diet. And all of the body functions are restored. I had a patient with kidney stones. She was going for a surgery. She was advised to try our method and she agreed. The sand went out very easily and freely. In 4 months x-ray showed no sign of stones. The same happened with gallstone disease. While diagnosing people over 30 years old, I was surprised that their gall bladders are stretched, full of bundles of gall and stones. When we treat it with structured water the gall bladder cleans itself and normalises its function. And all the processes associated with digestive tract begin to normalise as well.

 I believe we achieved great results in a due course. People drink structured water and improve their health.

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Dr Tatiana - Supports Enturia Plates & Structured Water
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