Water & Balm Treated My Pains & Cured My Acne

I had serious gastrointestinal problems, chronic pains in stomach, pancreas, constipations, and pains in the intestines. I also had problems with my face, acne and redness.

I started drinking structured water from mid-March 2012. And I also started making compresses with cloth dipped in Balm or wipe face with ice cubes made from the Balm.

A positive result came already in a week. My face was completely clean. I am so glad! With regard to gastrointestinal tract, the pain has gone, I don’t have either constipation or flatulence any more.

 It’s true although that I had a period of strong aggravation. I had bad pains in pancreas to the extent that I wanted to call an ambulance. But I put a Violet plate on a place of pain and the pain was gone.

This plate helps with headaches very well. Sometimes I hold plate on my spine for several hours. Plates also revive your spirit, give energy for the whole day. I sleep well now.

I have a son, who doesn’t believe in anything. He is a student and takes two courses at the university plus he works. Naturally he has little sleep. He started drinking structured water as well and puts a plate by his side while sleeps. He gets enough sleep now in a short time and he believes that it works.

I wish all people try the effect of this structured water and get great results.

I personally feel very satisfied.

I have been using the following formulas: VIOLET,SKY, GOLD PLUS BALM, WOMAN´S GRACE,SEA,RUBY, HE XIANGU

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