Enturia Plates Work As Pain-Killers

In November 2011 I was introduced me to a new technology- energy-informational plates and suggested I start taking structured water and Balm.

I indeed had various health problems like chronic appendicitis, perennial allergy to poplar fluff and feathers, problems with spine, hernia in lumbosacral area. Because of this I had severe lumbago during activities and mis-balance of the musculoskeletal system. I had female problems, abdominal pains and clot-like discharge.

I was frequently ill during winter seasons. I also had mental problems: depression, obsessive thoughts and as a result of this I suffered insomnia.

I also had gastritis with bad stomach aches. Since November 2011 I have been drinking structured water and Balm and apply plates to my body.

What has happened since then? Lumbago, back pain has gone. Sometimes I hold plates on a spine for the whole day. I began to feel light, energetic and completely forgot about pains. In spring when poplars were in blossom I didn’t take drugs whereas before I was taking all I could find.

But nothing helped and I used to feel terrible. This spring I almost didn’t have allergy. My periods became normal. Problems with health disappeared. I got rid of pains in appendices and stomach area, nausea, heartburn, the feeling of heaviness passed.

I even don’t feel any pain when I don’t stick to a diet. What pleased me as well is the fact that I almost didn’t catch a cold this winter but before I would vaccinate against flu as my immune system was weak.

This winter I caught a cold couple of times but it stopped very quickly because of water and Balm.

I’d like to share my observation of the Enturia plates. They work as pain-killers and pain just vanishes.

Now is a summer season and we are drinking more water and different kinds. All water has different taste and I have noticed that water even suppresses appetite. This is important for people with weight problems. Coffee and tea made with structured waters are very tasty.

I would like to share another interesting observation. I started watering plants with this water and they started growing like never before and acquired lush dark-green colour and those which were dry and almost dying began to grow again. This makes me feel happy. Even flowers show positive changes. Overall I now have a positive attitude and stay in good physical and mental state. I am simply happy. My relatives use plates as well with great results.

I wish even sceptics take this miraculous structured water, lead healthy life and watch their bodies getting young and healed.

I have been using the following formulas: VIOLET, SKY,SEA,GOLD PLUS BALM,WOMAN´S GRACE,HE XIANGU, RUBY AND FORMULA N19

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