Enturia Plates Helped Me Eliminate My Pains

From my childhood I have been seriously ill. I had heart problems, pains. But my parents and doctors used to say it would go away when I grow up.

Then I started going in for sports and had a spine injury and my head was badly hit. Since then I had strong headaches and back pain.

I was treated at the hospital but pains didn’t go away. Then my stomach began to hurt. I was diagnosed with gastritis. After a while I started feeling bad pains in my bones, from legs to every finger and joint.

I was in constant pain all over my body. Most important that doctors couldn’t diagnose me. I was taking huge amounts of painkillers with no apparent effect.

I had women’s problems as well. They started from as early as age of 14. I had pains in my belly and very strange discharge. My mother said that young girls sometimes have this and it would go away later on. I didn’t do anything until I finished school when I decided to visit gynaecologist.

Doctor gave me medications but they hardly helped. After taking these medications I started feeling pain in my kidneys and by the age of 22 I was already seriously ill. I had pains in all my body especially in my head to the extent that I couldn’t talk properly, my left arm was dysfunctional and my blood pressure was all over the place. My thoughts were not the best at that time. But my friend advised to try ENTURIA plates.

I started taking this alternative treatment. Almost in one week I was feeling better. Pain was less, my hair loss stopped and noise in my head disappeared. I started using my left hand and talking properly; I became calm, and started controlling myself, itching has stopped and discharge was no more an issue. I used plates as a pain-killer and they helped me.

I cannot say I am totally healthy but I feel much better.

I keep on drinking structured water but not according to a scheme like before but more the way I think it is necessary. You need to listen to your body. And recently I witnessed such a phenomenon as my papilloma have begun to fall off. It means my skin is cleaning. The heart has become calmer and my back hurts less. I even didn’t want to remember how I suffered before.

Enturia plates really helped me to get rid of pains, overcome fear, gave me confidence.


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