My Prostate Adenoma Disappeared By Drinking Water

My wife suggested drinking this unusual structured water. I have read about structured water before and knew that it carries information. I started drinking it with Balm and watched my body.

On the third day after taking water I started feeling all my old illnesses.

I was feeling all my wounds, my fractures from childhood, poisoned lungs as I have been a heavy smoker for 30 years. Although I gave up smoking a year ago but I still had very specific smokers cough. My liver reminded me of infectious hepatitis I had when I was young and then I got phosgene poison at work. My liver was seriously damaged.

I also had splintered joints. So, all inside me started hurting badly, I even had fever but I didn’t stop drinking water.

In a week’s time I started feeling better .My nails grew stronger, clicks in my joints ceased, I became physically stronger, emotionally calmer.

And all of a sudden my head started itching. I have been bold for few years already, only had some grey hair on the sides.

I looked in the mirror and saw my hair started growing with my native colour. I have been to a hairdresser already twice. But hair did become grey again. I have a friend; he is a dendrologist and urologist.

I visited him to treat my prostate adenoma as I was diagnosed with this.

He told me to forget about treatment as there was no cure for this. So, I kept on drinking my Water and Balm.

In 3 months I went through clinical tests and was shocked with the achieved results. My lung tissue, bronchial tubes, vessels, joints cleared themselves and regenerated. My liver was completely cleaned. My adenoma disappeared….

In general I have perfect health now. Two days ago I had an accident when my nose was hit badly and was bleeding severely. I expected swelling of the face. At night the swelling went down on the whole face. In the morning I didn’t have any signs of wound. However, after the injury I drank two glasses of water.

I would recommend this method to everyone! I used the following formulas: VIOLET,SKY,GOLD PLUS BALM, MAN'S PERFECTION,STAMINA AND YU-DI

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