Structured Water Stopped My Thermoneurosis Condition

I came across ENTURIA plates due to a very difficult situation in my life, as it seemed to me at the time it had no way out.

My health was not of a normal person of my age. My childhood was a normal one with occasional colds.

My health sharply deteriorated after my father unexpectedly died in 2006. I started being frequently ill.

Every time I happen to be ill I was taken to the hospital. In 2007 after I was treated with mononucleosis I was dismissed from the hospital with continuously high body temperature.

With time went by my body temperature never dropped below 37.5- 38.5 degrease and very often reaching 40.  As soon as I became nervous the body temperature would go up.

When I was calm my body temperature stayed 37.5- 38.5 degrease.

My doctors were taking different tests but no apparent reason was found for such body temperature. I was feeling bad all the time with cold and hot waves inside my body. I was diagnosed with Thermoneurosis. As nothing was helping me I had to live in such a state for 7 years.

Last year was a real nightmare. I was constantly ill, had bronchitis, sore throat and have been treated with different antibiotics but nothing was helping me. My blood pressure was jumping from 170/120 to 80/50.

I had continuous headaches, joint pains, insomnia, depression, fear, anxiety and lack of appetite. My energy levels were so low that even a short distance walk would be a challenge for me. I didn’t see any sense in living anymore. The ultimate problem was with geneology. After a number of tests doctors had a suspicion I had cervical cancer.  I was waiting for a biopsy. As a result I was feeling very down with no interest or drive to live.

My family was very supportive and looking for alternative treatments to get me out of that dark hole.

At the beginning of 2013 I had a diagnostics on Vita Test programme which revealed lots of different pathologies inside my body including pre-disposition to cancer, very low immune system, psycho problems, parasites and problems with my blood.

I have been advised to start taking structured waters on various ENTURIA plates alongside with a Balm. I was following all the given instructions. In the first place it was strange for me to drink so much water but I didn’t feel heavy or having water retention.  Water has a diuretic effect. It is interesting that water is very different from a normal one in taste and density.

In a week my body temperature started going down to normal, I started sleeping well with much less joint pains. At the same time I experienced very sharp pains in my pancreases but I already knew that a full recovery is impossible without aggravation of a disease.

My body was cleaning from bacteria and tons of antibiotics. In 3 weeks after I started drinking water I was taken a biopsy. I had to wait for the results nearly a month. Meantime, I kept drinking water and was really feeling much better. My headaches have gone alongside with fear, tiredness, anxiety and my body temperature went to normal!

My emotional state was much better and my blood pressure has normalised as well. Finely I got results of my biopsy. My gynaecologist was nicely surprised there has been no indication for any cancer.  To hear that was a great relief for me! Further examination didn’t show any signs of previous conditions I had. My doctor was amazed and exclaimed: What waters did you bath in? I was so happy!

After 2.5 months of drinking structured water I became a totally different person. I changed a lot. It seemed as if I was born for the second time.

My headaches have gone, I stopped catching cold, feeling of fear and depression have almost disappeared, blood pressure has normalised , I sleep normally every day and wake up full of energy. Most important, my body temperature went to normal and stays below 37 for the first time in 7 years!

I got my life back and every day brings joy and happiness’s.

During the course of treatment I have been drinking water structured on the following Plates: GOLD PLUS HEALING BALM, WOMAN'S GRACE,STAMINA,DROP, SPRING AND HE XIANGU

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