Structured Water Diminished My Fibro Adenoma

I met Doctor in January 2012 when my husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer of stage 4. We came to Doctor for advice and were advised on structured water and Balm to my husband. Unfortunately cancer won but for the last 6 months that my husband was drinking structured water he didn’t feel any pain and had good appetite which surprised doctors. If he started water treatment earlier I am sure we would have had a positive result.

I started drinking water and Balm as well. I was under a lot of stress and on the edge of a nervous breakdown but slowly I was calming down, my sleep restored and worries disappeared. Every  year I check my health problems with ultrasound and when I did it last time after taking Balm and structured water (around 6 months) I was amazed: my breast fibro adenoma diminished, left kidney cyst was gone, uterine fibroid shrunk to a size which doesn’t raise any health issues. I used to suffer with distended abdomen and burping a lot but now I completely forgot about this. My weight is normal irrespective of how much I eat whereas before I used to eat little but was overweight. Overall everything in my body normalised.

Very big thank you to this water!

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