Structured Water Improved My Skin, Hair & My Mood

I would like to say Big Thank you to a wonderful healing method and for the happiness it gives to people when they feel new energy and joy from being healthy and be able to live on a totally new level.

I came to Doctor hoping to reduce multiple uterine fibroids. I had diagnostics and started taking structured water the same day. I noticed straight away positive mood, cheerfulness and good appearance. In a month I had echography and it was confirmed that out of 6 cysts only 3 remained but others disappeared and uterus size became normal and periods less intensive, haemoglobin has risen to a normal level.

Many positive things happened in my body while drinking structured water. My skin and hair improved, swelling gone, heart function restores. My mood improved and I have energy to go in for sports.

Most pleasant is that water is universal and can be taken by old and young. My mother had diagnostics as well and started drinking water. She is excited about changes in her body. First thing she noticed is that an armpit induration that was there for 3 years has disappeared. Having suffered with chronic gastritis she couldn’t eat many products such as brown bread. Her diet consisted of buckwheat porridge and boiled courgettes with boiled chicken. In only two months she started eating normally. She looks good and younger than her age and of course she feels good because of that.

Water has an amazing effect on human’s body; it finds weak and ill places and heals them. My daughter got chickenpox when she was 19 years old while studying in Spain. Rash was mainly on her face and shoulders. Doctor who attended to her prescribed some ointment which didn’t help and anti-allergy tablets. He also advised to wash her body 4 times a day whereas Russian doctors do not recommend doing this with chickenpox. We were confused about what was the wrong and right thing to do. Of course the main concern was her face. After two days I decided to structure water on a Gold plate and gave her to wash face every day. She was also drinking same water. To our great surprise the rash was gone and little sores became dry and didn’t itch. As a result chickenpox completely passed away without any losses rapidly.

If you want to feel full of energy, have new taste of life; get rid of annoying diseases and pains - get help from ENTURIA plates.

iI was using the following Plates: GOLD PLUS BALM,VIOLET,SEA,STAMINA, HE XIANGU

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