Structured Water Has Changed Our Lives

My husband had a severe stroke 3 years ago. After that every six months he stayed at hospital for a check-up. He was feeling bad with headaches, noise in the head and ears and could hardly walk, his eye sight deteriorated as well. We went to see Doctor for diagnostics on Vita Test programme.

After diagnostics my husband was prescribed energy-informational Enturia plates for structuring water and applying on places of pain. He was also advised to take Balm based on structured water. After that I went through the same diagnostics which revealed that my blood vessels, heart and other organs are much worse than of my husband’s.

I must admit I was not feeling well but didn’t visit doctors. I was taking care of my husband and simply didn’t have enough time for myself. Despite my disbelief, I started drinking structured water and Balm together with my husband. For three weeks we were taking everything according to doctor’s advice but didn’t feel any changes. Suddenly my husband complained of a shooting pain in his ear, the one that didn’t hear. And at the same time he told me that he didn’t have noise in his head anymore.

Some days later he started hearing again. At the same time I noticed I started sleeping better at night and my hands stopped being numb. Before taking water I had hair loss and this has stopped as well.

It was amazing. My husband had a running nose because of a cold. We used balm as nose drops and it was over. My grandchildren had running noses as well and we did the same with them and all stopped. And our Grandchildren are very young, only 18 and 36 months old. Before that they didn’t drink water at all, only juices and fruit drinks.

I offered them to drink this unusual water but we diluted it with normal water. They liked it and started drinking it since. They have tried Balm as well and despite its bitter taste they take one spoon a day. They stopped getting ill and started sleeping well.

We have been drinking water since spring last year and all feeling much better. In June the time came for the next check- up for my husband but he refused to go to the hospital. He feels good and comfortable. Our eye sight has improved as well. Also, before drinking water I had pains in my breasts.

I made mammography and was told I had to go to oncologist. I was seriously upset but didn’t go to the doctor. At that time we started drinking water and Balm and the pain is gone. Second diagnostics showed many problems had disappeared.

We carry on doing what Doctor advised us to do. We are very grateful and we talk with all our friends about this method and advise them to try and not be afraid.

My objective now is to send my children to Doctor. My children are more sceptical than I, but I have faith in this water. Please, try this new invention, it will help everyone. Very big thank you! 

We were using the following formulas: VIOLET,MAN'S PERFECTION,WOMAN'S GRACE, STAMINA, SPRING,SKY

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