Structured Water Stabilised My Blood Pressure

 I had lots of health problems. I had 7 surgeries, my thyroid gland, uterus, gall bladder, tonsils and appendix were removed, both of my eyes have been operated on and I had diabetes type 2.

In March last year I was advised on how to use plates for structuring water. I started drinking water and Balm and hold plates on the places of pain.

I usually measure sugar levels with glucometer. Before my sugar level could reach 200, now it is almost normal- not more than 100 units.

Sometimes I even allow myself to eat a piece of cake!

My blood pressure stabilised, I got rid of constipation (I always used laxatives before), flatulence, headaches have gone and my eye sight has improved. I used to have sleepless nights but now I have been advised on how to hold a plate in my hand and after to put it by my side. I started sleeping at long last. My husband has started drinking this structured water as well and holds plates on his head. He had very strong stomach aches and high blood pressure. Now everything is fine.

My grandson visited us once and fell down, his hand was badly hurt and the wound was painful. I applied some Balm on the wound and in one day everything healed. It’s hard to even imagine that in only one day it has been healed. Like a miracle! I wish everybody to believe and use those plates, I tested them myself with my family. If they want to have a long life they should use them!

I am using the following formulas: VIOLET,GOLD PLUS BALM,STAMINA,DROP AND SPRING

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