Complete Sceptic Converted By Structured Water

Actually I am big sceptic. I don’t believe in modern techniques. Some time ago I was doing U-Shu and all the training was aimed to improve health and bio-energy. Then I found out my relatives, mostly women, began to drink structured water using some Enturia plates.

I was very sceptical about this and started watching them. Sometime later just as a point of interest I started drinking that water and Balm as well. In general I am a healthy person but sometimes when I lifted heavy stuff I felt pain in kidney area. I suffered from pain but didn’t go to the doctors. Pain was passing away. As soon as I started drinking structured water pain has completely disappeared.

I must admit that water structured on different plates has different taste. And now I can recognises which one is which. We even had an experiment. The water was structured on different plates without me seeing it and I guessed which plate was used. My guess was correct.

I would like to say that before I started on structured water I used to have flatulence but not anymore. With regard to a Balm I’d like to say that recently I gained some weight and once I started on a Balm I eat less and my weight came back to normal. Balm suppresses appetite.

Until you taste them you don’t understand that the effect will be good.  This is all for sceptics. I didn’t believe myself in the first place. I knew that lots of people recover just from a power of thought.  But it takes so much energy! With the help of the plates you don’t need your own energy. Simply drink water and see the effects. This can be clear to any sceptics.

I don’t know what happens next but I will keep experimenting. 

I have been using the following formulas: GOLD PLUS BALM,VIOLET,MAN'S PERFECTION AND SKY

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