Structured Water Rejuvenated My Body & Cured My Pains

We have been introduced to ENTURIA plates more than two years ago. We have started experimenting with structuring water and making Balm with my husband.

We really wanted to improve our health. Having completed diagnostics, some health problems were revealed. And instead of taking medications we decided to try the structured water. I must admit I was reluctant to drink much water before, a cup of tea 3 times a day was enough for me.

I suffered with swelling. But all of a sudden I started drinking this unusual water with pleasure. I believe we have all the plates. What is interesting is the fact that all waters taste differently. This fact is confirmed by all the consumers. I immediately noted diuretic effects but not similar to the ones when taking diuretics. You drink lots of water but the output is normal, natural and swelling has gone.

My body started detoxifying and urine proved this. This water, like a scanner, finds weak places in your body and restores their function. It flows through all the pain points. For example, I know I have problems with my knees as after taking water I feel pain straight away there.

But different water gives different level of pain. On one plate I had pain for 3 days, on another just 3 minutes. Then all of a sudden all pain disappeared. In first three months we already clearly distinguished different tastes of different water.

Water could be oily or hard sometimes sweet. We even advised to drink this water to our friends. They could also feel the different tastes.

I completely got rid of my pains. Quality of nails improved, hair loss stopped, I have no more heart pains, and my eye sight and hearing improved.

Most interesting is that you do not realise straight away that your health has normalised and only after some time you have the feeling of comfort.

My skin is looking better. Before drinking water I used to visit beautician once a week to treat my dry skin. Now my skin is normal. And if you take a foot bath with Balm for 20 minute, your feet become very soft like velvet. You don’t need pedicure anymore.

Overall, water and Balm make miracles. I used to suffer with sore throat and chronic tonsillitis. I started using water from Eye Formula as eye drops to improve eye sight. I started having discharge from my left eye. I thought I had conjunctivitis. I stopped using drops and discharge disappeared. I started using it again and got discharge. It appeared that my throat was cleaning via eyes.

The process of cleaning completed and my eye was clean as well. My eye sight has considerably improved as well. I used to wear glasses, and then in 2009 I decided to change them for stronger ones. Now I can’t use them as my eye sight is getting better and I started using my old glasses again. And sometimes I don’t use them at all.

I also had a fibrocystic mammary glands inflammation. After using structured water and Balm my breasts are clean. I must admit my breasts reacted with strong pain. After that I visited health centre for diagnosis. I was given the all clear! We were extremely surprised.

I also had polycystic ovarian syndrome but not anymore.

Diabetes runs in my family. We were examined at the Centre of Endocrinology. My mother even had surgery to remove a goitre. I also had high sugar levels and a diffused goitre. After taking structured water for 4 months my sugar level is stable and normal now, I can eat cake sometimes and I don’t have a goitre anymore. It was confirmed by clinical analysis.

Thanks to wonderful plates my sleep has restored. A year ago my Dad died and as a result of this trauma I suffered insomnia. Now I fall asleep almost immediately. My sleep is steady and calm and I wake up completely refreshed.

I experimented with one plate. If I am overexcited in the evening, I get calm in 20 minutes just by holding it in my hand. And if sometime I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, I hold that plate for 20 minutes in my hand and get energised. Amazing!

My mother-in-law’s Grandmother used to have very high blood pressure for almost 20 years - nearly 200.

She is 75 years old and we started giving her water in December 2011.

At the very beginning she used to have headaches and pains all over her body but she dint stop taking it. Now her blood pressure is normal 120-130 at the highest and no headaches. She thinks clearly. She also had a hip problem and sometimes couldn't’ move. Now all is gone and she started walking on her own, without a stick.

We have many friends who are doctors. One is endocrinologist, her husband is a Deputy Head of a hospital. Doctors are generally all sceptics and pragmatics. Drugs always come first. We told them about structured water, Balm and our health results. They got interested. They read about ENTURIA methodology and have started drinking water themselves. They took it very seriously, especially information about geo-pathogenic zones. They checked all their relatives and friends who were sick on a subject of geo-pathogenic zones. We are now looking forward to see the results of diagnostics after they drink structured water. Already now they speak of positive results. 

And there is one more interesting fact about an alcohol. After drinking structured water and Balm our bodies feel like we are young again. And even after one glass of wine you feel high. And actually it became unpleasant to drink at all, even beer. Detoxified, restored body doesn’t require alcohol. Our body now wants structured water. What is curious is that at different times you want different water.

Your body begins to communicate with the water on the same wave. Water provides us with more energy. I used to be very tired after work and now I even go to the gym and still have energy to do other things in life. I feel good. Recently we stopped taking vitamins and supplements and live on this water.

I am very grateful to a creator of this technology, for this water and Balm. I recommend everyone to try it and observe the healing and transformation of your health.

This family is using the following formulas: VIOLET,GOLD PLUS BALM,WOMAN'S GRACE,STAMINA,SKY,TRISTAN,N19, SADELITE.

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