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Water Is Our Molecular Basis

Nature Consensus is proud to offer a remarkable new technology for healing and wellbeing - Enturia Plates - enabling you to make structured water at home.
This is an alternative method for healing as well as an exciting addition to your current health and wellbeing routine through the ENTURIA plates.
We consider nutrition, fitness, supplements and meditation in order to keep our body and mind in the best possible condition, but have you given thought to the quality of water you put inside you? At Nature Consensus we provide you with an opportunity to take your wellbeing routine to the next level with the addition of different types of structured waters which can benefit you in different and remarkable ways.

We believe that regular use of ENTURIA structured waters will help you to correct existing health problems and maintain your body and spirit in good condition, enabling you to live your best life.

We wish you good health, vitality and healing!
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There is no system in our body that is not dependent on water as 3/4 of our body consists of water. All biochemical processes and the body’s reactions to the outside world, including our longevity, depend on the quality of water inside our bodies.

Study and understanding of water is one of the main arts and objectives of mankind today. If we want to have a healthy body and continue developing we need to reinforce our water structure and maintain it in perfect order. We need to start with one simple thing: pay attention to the water we use.

  • 07th Feb 2014

    About Structured Water
    About Structured Water

    Water is a substance responsible for life on Earth. Every live organism needs it every day. We drink water, cook with water trying to clean it with different filters. But there is no such powerful filter that...

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  • 06th Jan 2014

    Doctor's Opinion
    Doctor's Opinion

    My name is Tatiana. I am a doctor with almost 40 years of experience as a nutritionist .For the last 5 years I have been engaged in bio-resonance testing and diagnostics. According to the diagnostic’s...

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